1.1 By accepting your Offer, or by continuing your registration, you accept these Terms and Conditions in full which form the Contract between the Hajveri Institute (“us”, “we”, “our”, or the “Hajveri Institute”) and you (“you” or “your”) for this Course. If you have any questions or concerns about your Contract with us, you should contact us by emailing [email protected] before accepting the Offer. Where any words are capitalised throughout these Terms and Conditions, they shall have the meanings set out below.

1.2 Definitions

 In these Terms and Conditions:


“Academic Year” means the term of the relevant year of the relevant course.

Application Fee” means the non-refundable fee for your application be considered by us.

“Cancellation Date” has the meaning set out in clause 14.2.

“Continuing Registration Fee” means the fee which you are required to pay (where applicable) in order to re-register with us for each Course after the completion of your initial chosen Course.

Contract” means the agreement between you and us in relation to your studying a Course through the Hajveri Institute, these Terms and Conditions, including their schedule(s), and the regulations, policies and procedures referred to in this document form the Contract.

Course” means Diploma, Advanced Diploma, BA Hons and/or Certificate of Scholarly Excellence undertaken by you and delivered by us.

“Fee Payment Methods” means the payment methods as set out on our website.

“Offer” means an offer to you from us, to join one of our Courses.

Programme” means your prospective or registered programme of study with the Hajveri Institute.

“Virtual Learning Environment” means the virtual learning environment that provides you with access to your Course materials.

1.3 There are other regulations, policies and procedures which apply to your registration (or continuing registration) at the Hajveri Institute and your Course, and which form part of these Terms and Conditions. Details of the regulations, policies, and procedures applicable at the time of accepting these Terms and Conditions. It is your responsibility to read these documents carefully as they form part of these Terms and Conditions and the Contract between us and you. You acknowledge that you may be required to accept a third party’s terms to use their platform or software for the delivery of our Programme, Course, or assessments.



2.1 We will only assess your application once you register to your Course.

2.2 It is your responsibility to ensure that all of the information, which you provide to us, is true, accurate, and complete, and that you have not omitted any key information.

2.3 If we discover that your application contains incorrect or fraudulent information or if you are found to have omitted key information from your application, we may withdraw or amend any Offer, or act in accordance with the General Regulations. If such information is discovered after you have registered with us or after you graduate, we have the right to terminate your registration without compensating you and/or revoke any subsequent award.



Where we require satisfactory evidence of your qualifications:

3.1 Before receiving your Offer, you will be required to provide or facilitate the provision of verified copies of your transcripts and/or certificates.

3.2 The Hajveri Institute randomly samples and audits the authenticity of the documentation provided to us under clause 3.1. We will normally request evidence of your qualifications directly from you. If we do not receive evidence to our satisfaction, this may prevent us from making you an Offer.

3.3 This section only applies to those students who are seeking to enrol onto year 2 of the Diploma or Advanced Diploma or BA Hons.



4.1 If you meet the academic requirements and any other applicable requirements for admission upon making your application to us, we will make you an Offer.

4.2 If you do not yet meet the requirements for admission upon making your application to us, you will receive an advice letter setting out any outstanding academic and/or other requirements for admission that you will need to satisfy within a timeframe set out in that letter.

4.3 Once you notify us that you have satisfied any outstanding requirements and have provided evidence that is acceptable to us, both within the timeframe set out in the advice letter, we will make you an Offer.

4.4 If you have not satisfied the outstanding requirements within the timeframe set out in the advice letter, your application and the content of the advice letter will be deemed to have expired, and you will have to reapply.



5.1       We may make changes to the Offer at any time before you accept it. We will inform you as soon as possible and issue an updated Offer.



6.1       It may sometimes be necessary to vary the content of the Programme or services described on our website. We will use reasonable efforts to ensure that changes are kept to a minimum, but if we are required to make any material changes to your Programme / Course (as described in the Offer and/or prospectus and/or website) before you register at the Hajveri Institute, we shall bring these to your attention as soon as possible. If you reasonably believe that the proposed change/s will adversely affect you, you may withdraw your application for the Programme/Course or apply to withdraw your application in these circumstances, any Application Fee paid by you will be refunded.

6.2       Cancellation of Programme

We will use all reasonable efforts to deliver all Programmes described in the prospectus. However, if there are insufficient student numbers either to make a Programme viable or to deliver a quality student experience, we may cancel the Programme. If you have received an offer for any Programme described in the prospectus, but we discontinue the Programme prior to your registration with the Hajveri Institute, we will notify you as soon as possible and, where possible, we will recommend an alternative programme for which you are qualified. If we are unable to provide a suitable alternative programme, or if you are unhappy with the recommended alternative programme, you may withdraw your application. Where you withdraw your application in these circumstances, any Application Fee paid by you will be refunded.



7.1 If you have met all the academic and/or other requirements for admission and have received an Offer from us, you can accept the Offer by registering with us online by the Registration Deadline.

7.2 If you do not register with us online by the Registration Deadline, your Offer will lapse for the remainder of the Academic Year



8.1 Once you have registered as a student at the Hajveri Institute, we will use our reasonable efforts to deliver your Programme/Course as per the terms of the Contract.

8.2 In circumstances where there is no material disadvantage to you, we reserve the right to make minor variations to the contents or methods of delivery of Courses from those described in the prospectus or on our website. These will be made to improve the quality of the educational services, to meet the latest requirements of any potential regulators, a commissioning or accrediting body, or in response to student feedback. We will notify you of these changes by posting the updated Course information on our website or via email to you.



9.1 We shall:

9.1.1 deliver your Course with reasonable care and skill for the Academic Year; and

9.1.2 clearly set out the academic requirements for the Course to you.

9.2 You shall:

9.2.1 use all efforts to fulfil the academic requirements of your Course in accordance with the terms of the Contract; and

9.2.2 ensure that you have appropriate access to a suitable computer with microphone and web camera, an appropriate internet connection, and any related requirements as set out in your Course specification; or

9.2.3 If attending the Course, ensure that you arrive promptly at the designated base of Hajveri Institute with suitable materials to undertake the Course.

9.2.4 You acknowledge that qualifications obtained by online and distance learning are not always recognised by relevant authorities such as ministries of education or regulators, including for the purposes of public sector employment or further study.

9.2.5 You recognise that it is solely your responsibility to check the position regarding such recognition in your local context before registering for an online and distance degree, whether supported by a Recognised Teaching Centre.

9.2.6 You acknowledge that the Hajveri Institute is not accredited by a third party and issues its own version of qualifications.



10.1 You agree to pay all fees required for your Course and any further supplemental charges as required.



11.1 As part of your obligation to pay any applicable Course Fees, where you are required to pay a Continuing Registration Fee as indicated in the relevant section of the website, you must do this annually when requested for each subsequent year of your studies after the first Academic Year.

11.2 Until the Continuing Course Fee is paid in full:

11.3 you cannot re-register with us;

11.4 we will not release the relevant Course materials to you, including through the Virtual Learning Environment; and

11.5 you will not be able to enter any assessments for the Academic Year;



12.1 If your selected mode of study requires you to attend classes at a Hajveri Institute teaching centre, you will have to pay fees directly to that teaching centre, which may include an additional application fee, tuition fees and other costs for use of their facilities.

12.2 Your relationship with either a teaching centre or an independent teaching centre will be governed by other terms, which fall outside of this Contract.



13.1 As you are entering into this Contract remotely you may cancel this Contract by the later of

13.2 14 days after the date when you pay the first instalment of the Course Fee; or

13.3 14 days after the date you are first given access to your online login details on the Virtual Learning Environment (“the Cancellation Period”).

13.4 To cancel the Contract within the Cancellation Period, you must clearly inform us of your decision to cancel by emailing us at [email protected]. The date we receive your notice is the Cancellation Date.

13.5 If you have made any payment, or any payment has been made on your behalf under this Contract before the Cancellation Date, then we will provide you with a full refund as soon as reasonably possible but in any event:

13.6 within 14 days of the Cancellation Date;



14.1 Your application data will form part of your student record. By entering into the Contract with us, you are agreeing to us holding and processing your personal data including some special category personal data. We will process your personal data in accordance with the provisions of the attached Schedule 1 – Data Protection Schedule.

14.2 You agree that our Data Protection Policy and Privacy Policy, which can be found on our website apply to your application and throughout your registration with us.



15.1 These are the terms of the Contract between you and us. No other person shall have any rights to enforce any of the terms.

15.2 The Contract, and any other matters arising out of or in relation to the Contract, are governed by and construed in accordance with English law.

15.3 We and you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts to settle any dispute or claim arising out of or in relation to the Contract.



In this schedule, the following definitions shall apply:

1.1  “Controller“, “Personal Data“, “Processing” and “Processor” shall have the meanings set out in the Data Protection Act 2018 (the “DPA”) and the UK GDPR and “Process” and “Processed” shall be construed accordingly;

1.2  “Data Protection Laws” means all legislation and regulatory requirements in force from time to time in the UK relating to the processing of personal data and the privacy of electronic communications, including (i) the Data Protection Act 2018 (the “DPA”), (ii) the UK GDPR, (iii) the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003 (SI 2003/2426) (as amended), and (iv) any successor UK legislation, as well as the guidance and codes of practice issued by the Information Commissioner or other relevant regulatory authority and applicable to a Party;

1.3  “Special Category Data” shall mean Personal Data that reveals such categories of data as are listed in Article 9(1) of the UK GDPR, namely racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, health or sex life and sexual orientation, genetic data and biometric data which is processed to uniquely identify a person;

1.4  “Standard Contractual Clauses” means as applicable:

(a)  the standard contractual clauses approved by the European Commission for the transfer of Personal Data to third countries issued by the European Commission Decision of 4 June 2021, as amended, varied, supplemented or substituted from time to time, as applicable in respect of transfers of Personal Data from Controllers or Processors in the EEA to Controllers or Processors in Restricted Countries;

(b)  the addendum approved by the UK Information Commissioner’s Office as amended, varied, supplemented or substituted from time to time;

(c)  the standard contractual clauses adopted by the government of the United Kingdom, or approved by the government of the United Kingdom as updated, replaced, consolidated and/or amended from time to time, for transfers of Personal Data from Controllers or Processors in the UK to Controllers or Processors in Restricted Countries;

UK GDPR” means Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of Personal Data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation) OJ L 119/1, 4.5.2016, as incorporated into the laws of the United Kingdom by the UK European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018, and as amended in accordance with the Data Protection, Privacy and Electronic Communications (Amendments etc) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019 as may be amended, consolidated, modified, re-enacted or replaced from time to time;

2. The Hajveri Institute collects, holds and Processes Personal Data about all applicants to the Hajveri Institute and all students at the Hajveri Institute. The Hajveri Institute uses Personal Data provided by applicants or third parties acting for the applicant and/or students (including Personal Data from application forms) for the following purposes (the “Authorised Purposes“):

2.1  to administer applications and admissions processes and procedures and attendance records after admission;

2.2  to deliver and facilitate your programme of study and provide you with teaching, research and educational services and support;

2.3 to monitor your performance and attendance;

2.4 to enable effective communication with you including without limitation, providing you with information relating to the Hajveri Institute’s services and products, funding and/or sponsorship opportunities;

2.5 to identify ways to enhance learning, teaching, assessment and the broader student experience;

2.6 to provide you with and manage your use of the Hajveri Institute facilities and services and your participation at events;

2.7  to operate the Hajveri Institute’s security, disciplinary, complaint and quality assurance processes and arrangements;

2.8  to administer the financial aspects of our relationship with you and any funders including processing any payments made by you to the Hajveri Institute;

2.9  for legal, personnel, administrative and management purposes including the processing of any Special Category Data which may include information about your physical or

3. The Hajveri Institute may share your Personal Data with:

3.1  third parties that process data on the Hajveri Institute’s behalf to support the Hajveri Institute in fulfilling its obligations and responsibilities to and relationship with you under these terms and conditions or where required by law to do so. These include but are not limited to third parties who provide IT support, organisations operating antiplagiarism software on our behalf, third parties who provide apps related to our virtual learning environment, external auditors, third parties who conduct surveys such as the National Student Survey, Insurance brokers, insurers and other related third parties.

3.2  credit reference agencies or other credit assessment, debt tracing or fraud prevention organisations to support credit scoring, credit assessment, debt tracing or fraud and money-laundering prevention.

3.3  third parties to whom the Hajveri Institute is under a duty to disclose or share your Personal Data in order to comply with any legal or regulatory obligation, and to protect the Hajveri Institute’s rights, property, or the safety of our employees, students, or others;

3.4  third parties that request data from the Hajveri Institute in order to support or fulfil the third parties’ obligations or responsibilities in relation to a contractual relationship with you, for example, a third party sponsor or employer.

3.5  third parties to whom the Hajveri Institute reasonably considers the disclosure of your Personal Data will assist in relation to the protection of your physical, mental or emotional well- being.

The Hajveri Institute will only process your Personal Data (including Special Category Data) in accordance with the Authorised Purposes, the Hajveri Institute’s Data Protection Policy and the applicable Privacy Notice and otherwise as permitted by the Data Protection Laws.

In certain circumstances, it may be necessary to transfer your Personal Data (including Special Category Data) outside the UK and/or the EEA. In respect of such transfers, the Hajveri Institute shall:

5.1  comply with its obligations under the Data Protection Laws; and

5.2  take reasonable steps to ensure an adequate level of protection for all Personal Data (including Special Category Data) transferred outside the EEA [including, where appropriate, entering into the Standard Contractual Clauses with the sub-contractor approved by the Hajveri Institute to which Personal Data is transferred.

You must ensure that you are fully aware of the Hajveri Institute’s policies relating to data protection and data security, including the Hajveri Institute’s Data Protection Policy and applicable Privacy Notice and you agree that you shall comply with the above policies and any other policy introduced by the Hajveri Institute from time to time to comply with the Data Protection Laws.

The Hajveri Institute takes the protection of your Personal Data seriously. It is necessary for the Hajveri Institute to protect its interests by monitoring computer usage and all communications on its networks (including office telephone networks, mobile telephones usage, social media and email systems). The Hajveri Institute collects information on all internet user accounts, social media, email activity and call details and this information is periodically reviewed by authorised staff to ensure compliance with the Hajveri Institute’s policies and to detect any unauthorised use of the Hajveri Institute’s IT infrastructure and systems.