Diploma in Islamic Law & Theology

The Diploma offers the student a thorough grounding in what we consider basic and foundational subjects yet central to a comprehensive understanding of the Sacred Sciences of Islamic Law & Theology.

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Advanced Diploma IN Islamic Law & TheoloGy

The Advanced Diploma takes the student to a whole new level. Whilst navigating through unchartered territories the student will be invited to engage in understanding intricate issues in an environment of critical appraisal.

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BA (Hons) in Islamic Law & Theology

The BA (Hons) consolidates previously acquired knowledge and takes the student to the next level of understanding complex concepts and methodologies of the subjects covered. The students are given the final...

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Certificate in Scholarly Excellence

Once the student has completed the BA (Hons), a final certificate in scholarly excellence is on offer where the student will delve deeper into the realms of Islamic Law and commentary of the Hadith and Qur’an...

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