His Eminence Shaykh Zain-Ul-Aqtab Siddiqi

His Eminence Shaykh Zain-Ul-Aqtab Siddiqi has been taught under the direct auspices of his Learned Father Hazrat Allamah Abdul Wahab Siddiqi (RA) in the Sacred Sciences of Islamic law and theology which has been transmitted through the long line of his Pious and Scholarly ancestry going back to the first Khalifa, Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiqi (RA).


As well as continuing to develop and teach in the Syllabuses of Islamic Law and Theology he is also currently practising as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court in England and Wales. He is one of the very few specialist Practitioners in England and Wales to have provided expert evidence in cases with an Islamic Law dimension to The Supreme Court in civil cases as well as to the Crown Court in complex criminal cases.


He is fluent in 7 languages and has taught Islamic Law and Theology for the last 20 years. His specialism in the Syllabus of the Sacred Sciences have been in the areas of Sectarianism, Mysticism, Usool Tafseer and Usool Hadith.


He has extensively travelled the Globe over the past 30 years and lectured to diverse audiences in Canada, America, Europe, Africa, and the South Pacific and takes a keen interest in strategic planning with a view to embracing modernity without compromising orthodoxy.

Shaykh Huzaifa Akhtar

Shaykh Huzaifa obtained a BA Honours in Business Administration from Staffordshire University. He has worked in Central and Eastern Europe, in offshore financial investments before returning to the UK where he has progressed successfully in Executive Search, currently employed as a Resourcing Business Partner for a major civil engineering business.


He is now a lecturer specialising in Usool Tafseer, the rules and principles of the commentary of the Qur’an. He has adopted modern scientific explorations and discoveries as well as secular vocation in explaining the significance of various verses of the Qur’an in the 21st Century.


He has delivered innovative public lectures on various subjects including Aqaaid and the Qur’an in the 21st Century on an international scale, including Australia, Fiji & South Africa. He is an early graduate of the earlier version of the institute and is a prime example of what the institute strives to achieve


His interests include contemporary ideologies, comparative religion, eschatology & the Dajjali system.

Shaykh Huzaimah Akhtar

Shaykh Huzaimah obtained a LLB from Staffordshire University followed by accomplishing the Legal Practice Course at the same institution. He currently stands as a solicitor and is the head of the Personal Injury and Litigation team at a local law firm.


He is now a lecturer specialising in pre renaissance political Islamic history which is a syllabus no other school, college or university is offering. He has also delivered lectures on various topics worldwide including South Africa, Australia, Fiji, and Dubai.


His interests include eschatology, the Dajjali system and the modern-day Illuminati/New World Order. He is also an early graduate of the earlier version of the institute and is another example of what the institute strives to achieve.

Shaykh Avaeys Ali Khan

Shaykh Avaeys Ali Khan obtained a First Class Honours Degree in Biomedical Science from Staffordshire University. He currently works as a senior territory manager for a leading medical company who specialise in flexible endoscopy. 


Being one of our most recent graduates he brings with him fresh energy and is now a lecturer specialising in Islamic law. Shaykh Avaeys is yet another example of the vision the institute has in empowering their students in becoming the scholars of tomorrow. 


His interests include the analysis of the Dajjali system, in particular the impact it’s having on our youth and the coping techniques they need to establish to preserve their Islamic beliefs. In his free time Shaykh Avaeys enjoys playing seven aside football. 

Ustaada Afifa Kiran

Ustaada Afifa Kiran holds a degree from the University of London in Gender Studies. She has worked as a practicing solicitor for 10 years, but recently opted for a career change where she is now the lead for gender diversity for a well-known group of companies. She is also a lecturer specialising in Islamic Law and Jurisprudence and is one of the earlier graduates of the institute.


Her interests include the historical analysis of the earlier women and in particular their contribution to the history of Islam.

Our Support Team

Imran Anjum
Programme Co-ordinator, Mosque Liaison & Accountant

Imran Anjum qualified as a chartered certified accountant in 2010. Having worked for many of the large banks including Barclays and Lloyds as a tax specialist, he moved to work as a project manager and business analyst for Credit Suisse and smith & Williamsons where he implemented a new client relationship management system for the front office. More recently Imran has been helping small SMEs with their system, tax, and accounting obligations.

Ateeq Basharat
Live streaming expert

Ateeq is a passionate imam and helps with the running of several charity projects. Such is his passion that despite living in Coventry he does a seven-hour trip every Friday travelling to and back from Devizes a small town in the southeast of England where he conducts the Friday sermon. Ateeq is responsible for ensuring all our live streaming is run smoothly.

Naila Anjum
Marketing & Strategy Advisor

Naila qualified as a chartered certified accountant in 2011. She has worked for a number of large corporate organisations where she has specialised in financial planning & analysis (FP&A). In the last 5 years Naila has worked as a consultant where she has developed ‘Go to Market’ marketing strategy models for Software as a service (SAAS) businesses such as Dext and Burtons Biscuits to name just a few.

Nagina Basharat

Having worked for a number of law firms over a career spanning 10 years, Nagina took the plunge to train as a bookkeeper with a small firm of chartered accountants. Nagina is currently studying for her bookkeeping exams with the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers.