Our Vision



Masjids were once a hotbed for education and Islamic teachings. Sadly, today they offer little more than a place for daily worship and teaching children how to read the Qur’an. We aim to revive the original purpose of the Masjid through our affiliation with them.


The revival of the Masjid is only possible if we build strong and lasting relationships with them, their students, and their local community. It is our philosophy that we must all work together to achieve the objective of refuelling the Ummah with Sacred knowledge and its application to contemporary challenges.


We want to empower our students with knowledge, so that they themselves are a Scholar of tomorrow. In this way we aim to protect and preserve the sacred legacies that our forefathers made sacrifices for.


We appreciate that not everyone has the luxury of choosing Islamic knowledge over secular knowledge, with this in mind we have created a syllabus which is being delivered over two evenings a week. Our Lord desires ease for his creation, so we seek His pleasure in attempting to bring ease to you.


The Dajjali System is rife in the world that we live in today, and the modern Muslim is having to deal with matters our ancestors never had to. We can only embrace modernity while preserving orthodoxy if the Scholars of today are equipped with the tools, they need to deal with modern day challenges.